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Lunch & Learn // Mesh Nationaltheatret

Mesh Nationaltheatret, Tordenskioldsgate 2, 0160 Oslo

With the Lunch & Learn sessions, we want to accelerate networking and knowledge sharing in our community.  

Facili-Station Meet Up

Mesh Nationaltheatret, Tordenkioldsgate 2, 0160 Oslo

Dear faciliators, The summer is coming and now is time to reflect upon the events we have done so far, and to plan the events you want to arrange in...

Members Breakfast // Mesh Youngstorget

Mesh Youngstorget, Møllergata 6, 0179 Oslo Mesh Youngstorget, Møllergata 6, Oslo, Norway

Connecting members and the community over a social breakfast and fresh coffee. Welcome! Venue: Mesh Youngstorget, Workbar