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Welcome to the community! 

We are so excited to welcome you to mesh Youngstorget. As you can see we are not completely finished yet, but we will be within the next few weeks. In February our Workbar on the first floor will open, serving good food and drinks. Event spaces, project rooms and the podcast studio will be available for booking from February.


This is what you need to do to get started:

  1. Sign up in our members portal and update your profile. You should have received an email titled: “Welcome to MESH”, with an invitation to the members portal and a sign-in button – just follow the steps described in the email. In the members portal, you can add your team, see the other members and companies in our community, book meeting rooms, browse services, and keep track of upcoming events.
  2. Sign in to Slack ( and update your profile picture and subscribe to the channels you want. Slack is where all the communication happens. Once signed in, explore the different channels. #1_Community, #2_Youngstorget_important, #3_Osl_feed, #4_Youngstorget_food_drink and #5_Youngstorget_practical are the once you will be using the most.
  3. Download the application JustIN mobile, and register your phone number. You will automatically receive a key once your phone number is registered. iPhone / Android.


The building  – Møllergata 6-8


Whether you’re having an important board meeting, recording podcasts or facilitating workshops, our basement offers up everyhting you need.

Floor 1
On the ground floor you can relax and send e-mails on the sofas in the Lounge or sip coffee while networking in the Workbar. You can also join an event in The Atrium or unwind with colleagues at the Bar after work.

Floor 2
In addition to offices and work stations, floors 2-4 have spaces to socialize and network with your team and other Mesh Members. You also have access to meeting rooms and sound proof phone booths for your private calls.

Floor 3
Just like the floors directly above and below, on the third floor you find offices, flexible workstations, nice meetingrooms, great restroom facilities and much more.

Floor 4
If you’re looking to recharge check out the fourth floor kitchenette for complimentary coffee and tea. In fact each work floor has a kitchenette for your convenience.

Floor 5
On the fifth floor you’ll find one big office.


Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions: 

Chris Skahjem – Anything related to your membership
Tel. +47 936 21 639

Sondre Li Hauger – Anything related to your membership
Tel.  +47 464 19 755

Christian Vassbakk – Practical stuff
Tel. +47 414 45 648

Amanda Elf – If you want to sign up for a lunch subscription
Tel. +47 473 23 335

Erica Ring – If you want to book an event
Tel. +47 938 03 498