Morgenmyldring: Morning Rave & Yoga

Krambugata 2, 7011 Trondheim

Wake up to 90 minutes of dancing to harmonical beats by a local DJ. Dance is a well documented scientific way to wake body and mind, and gives you a...

Hyfer Kunnskapsfest NTNU/Trondheim kommune

Krambugata 2, 7011 Trondheim

Hyfer is a Norwegian futures festival of arts & science, celebrating knowledge, creative urge and curiosity. Join a network of minds creating and supporting new synergies to connect, collaborate, and...

DNB NXT 2022

Krambugata 2, 7011 Trondheim

The place where ideas and funding joins forces; NXT is hosted in a total of 12 cities!


Krambugata 2, 7011 Trondheim

A festival dedicated research and politics. The festival is named after Ibsen's Dr. Stockmann, the main character in the play An Enemy of the People, who becomes enormously unpopular in town...




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