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Friends, family and fools maxed out? Here is a selection of funding options, for different stages of your journey and with different implications.


To get through Covid-19, the government has created several funding schemes ranging from general crisis support to increased grants and loans facilitating readjustment and innovation.


There is an abundance of event and programs for meeting and connecting with the right investors. In addition you have all the informal arenas. Figuring out what suits your case will involve some trial and error, but on a general basis we recommend these.


There is a myriad of local grants and endowments that could be applicable for your business or project. On a national level governmental initiatives have a great range of grants, and in many cases they can also help you navigate the bewildering EU jungle.


Crowdfunding comes in many forms; donation, reward, equity and debt based are the most common. Here’s an overview of a few proven platforms.


A selection of prominent investment companies, seed and venture funds. As a part of our community we also have private investors and BAs, investment syndicates end representatives for family offices and international investment companies.