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United we are stronger (and get better deals)! Some of the benefits and discounts you get as a member of the community.

Financial services

DNB Oppstartslos – Help with setting up your company

Hedvig – Three months free home and travel insurance

Software & hardware

Amazon Web Services – Free tools and resources, including $10,000 in credits

Google Cloud – Free tools and resources, including $3,000 in credits

Hubspot – 90% discount the first year

Cisco – Free use of Webex Meetings and Teams. 40% discount on all Cisco hardware products

Telenor – Free demo access to cellular IoT network and cloud platform, including 5 SIM cards

Komplett – Discount on IT equipment and furniture

Fiken – 15% discount on cloud-based accounting software

Contractbook – Contract automation with up to 83% discount

Orangebooks – Extended trial period on 100% automated and digital bookkeeping


Arp-Hansen – Discounts on hotels in Copenhagen

Local benefits & discounts

All of our hubs offer different local benefits and discounts including food, drinks, gym, bodycare, treatments, optician, events, exhibitions and more. Local availability will vary.

Log in to members’ portal or join to learn more about benefits at your local hub.