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Schibsted + Mesh Community

By 28 February 2022November 11th, 2022No Comments3 min read

A new power couple


Schibsted has a strong position in the startup ecosystem and we believe them to be in the perfect position to take the leading role amongst established corporates in the Nordic startup scene. They are involved in almost 200 internal or external startups, such as Firi, Tørn and Tibber, and they are channelling more and more resources towards tech and growth companies. Behind it all lies a successful venture into classifieds which has turned into a large cash reserve that is being directed towards growth opportunities. Solid financial resources combined with Nordic wide news reach in the millions makes them powerful and interesting – an important player to understand and work closely with going forward.

As we enter a long-term strategic partnership with Schibsted our goal is to integrate them deeply into our community and connect them with great startups and founders. Together we will host valuable event series and collaborate on great content for our members and extended network. Ultimately we hope to see more and more investments into startups within our community, and we hope to have an impact on Schibsted’s strategy as they venture further into the startup ecosystem.

To get to know Schibsted better, and to kickstart our partnership, we have invited them in for a “Deep Dive” event. Instead of them presenting who they are, we have asked for the opportunity to cross-examine their top management, investment professionals and portfolio companies. To get a full understanding of the force of their engagement, their enhanced investment mandate and their strengths and weaknesses as an investor.

Schibsted Deep Dive  //  23.03.22  //  14:00-16:00

You are welcome to join us for the “Schibsted Deep Dive”, hosted by our co-founder and CEO, Anders Mjåset. He will take on Schibsted in three parts, with the goal of getting as deep and personal as possible in two hours.

Part 1
Schibsted investment strategy now and in the future
Andrew Kvålseth, Group CIO, Schibsted

Part 2
Schibsted Growth thoughts on what they are looking for and how they get involved in the investments they do
Christian Horn Hanssen, Head of Investments, Schibsted Ventures
Hanne Hollstedt, Head of Marketing, Schibsted Ventures

Schibsted Growth – The Nordic perspective

Part 3
Discussion with portfolio companies
Anjali Bhatnagar, Founder & CEO Tørn
Lasse Brurok Co-founder & COO Bookis

Welcome to the event & welcome to the community to Schibsted!

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