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Upcoming Highlights Q3 at Digs

By 6 July 2023No Comments1 min read

Upcoming Highlights in Q3

Friday Bar – Café Opening!
25.08.23 – 15:0 – 19:00 // Digs

The renovations are well underway! It won’t be long until you can enjoy the new and fantastic café. To celebrate the finished project, we would like to invite you for a drink and a chance to get familiar with the cool new spot.
Don’t miss the opening – sign up here! 

Smidesang & Lyng Frokostmøte 
13.06.23 – 08:30 – 10:00 // Digs

Smidesang & Lyng are back with “AI for Breakfast” part 2. During this session, they dig deeper into how artificial intelligence can transform your workday and how you can responsibly utilize these tools.
Sign up to secure your spot here. 

Innovasjonsfrokost: Kunstig intelligens i medieverden
15.09.23 – 08:30 – 10:00 // Main Stage, Digs

Artificial intelligence and gaming technology has taken the media world by storm, posing major challenges for media outlets such as Adresseavisen and NRK. How can they stay relevant without being completely replaced by machines?
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