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Norway #27: Tech Townhall #8 with Jan Christian Vestre and NAST, OpenAI’s GenAI model Sora & OTee raised €1.25 million

By 16 February 2024No Comments3 min read

Top News

  1. Karl-Christian Agerup, CIO at Antler and Board Chair of Schibsted, shared his entrepreneurial and investor journey with Nordic VCs and founders at a Venture Breakfast at GoWest. (link)
  2. Tech Townhall #8 will discuss two key things in the startup and political environment: The Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre’s “Grunderpakke” and NAST, the Norwegian Alliance for Startups and Tech. (link)
  3. OpenAI released Sora, a GenAI model that can create video from text. (link) Google also released Gemini 1.5. (link)
  4. It’s sad to see that Vibrent (Fjong), a notable player in the Norwegian startup scene, will no longer continue its operations. (link)
  5. According to Dealroom, Denmark was an exception to the trend in venture capital investment in 2023, experiencing growth instead of a decline. (link)
  6. Creandum’s report on founder compensation and the key takeaways after surveying early-stage founders across Europe. (link)
  7. The Norwegian crowdfunding industry has grown continuously. Here’s Shifter’s breakdown. (link)
  8. 2023 was a positive year for Remarkable, read more about how despite the market being tougher. (link)
  9. Adele Unneberg from Sandwater explains why investors should consider the Nordics for impact investments. (link)
  10. Interview with Drifti, a digital platform created to streamline the daily operations of small craft businesses. A sector where it has been slow to adopt digital tools. (link)

Latest on Funding

🏡 Schibsted acquired HomeQ, a Swedish marketplace for first-hand rental apartments. (link)

💻 OTee, a B2B SaaS engineering platform, raised €1.25 million led by RunwayFBU and Superangel, with contributions from Antler, StartupLab and angel investors Trond Riiber Knudsen, Snorre Larsen, Gunnar Evensen and Olav Slupphaug. (link)

🚀 Vitalthings, the healthtech developing technology for human vital signs detection and analysis, raised 41.6 million NOK led by Coperio Holding AS. (link)

😄 The Swedish crowdfunding platform Kameo raised 30 million NOK from Swedish Incore Invest. (link)

🐲 Flow Technologies, a digital platform for remote patient care, raised 17 million NOK from both existing and new investors including StartupLab, Gunnar Evensen, Magnus Valmot, Jørn Mikalsen, Peter Eide and more. (link)

💻 Ciloo, a software company focused on e-commerce, raised 13 million NOK from Alliance VC and angel investors Trond Riiber Knudsen, Andreas Sjölund, Anders Storeng, Petter Skulstad, Magnus Gaarder and Christian Paulsboe. (link)

💻 Midio, a visual programming interface for backend development, raised a $660,000 pre-seed round led by Sondo Capital and participation from CTO Roundtable Invest, and the Nordic Web Ventures as well as angel investors. (link)

Latest on Talent

👩‍💻 Founder or co-founder? How do startups solve the titles in startups. (link)

✉️ NoFence brings Lars Kvaalen on as their new CFO and Victoria Allers Wismer as their VP of Marketing. (link)

⚽️ Football Pro Ingrid Spord becomes manager of Mer Enn (link)

🩺 Health startup, Medlytic has brought on Anne Lene Holstad as COO, who has a background from Otovo and Modulize. (link)

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