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Norway #26: Venture Breakfast with Karl-Christian Agerup, the first human to receive Neuralink brain implant & MDG deputy leader wants to remove the wealth tax.

By 2 February 2024No Comments4 min read

Top News

  1. A Venture Breakfast will be held in Gothenburg to kick off GoWest, where startup and investor pioneer Karl-Christian Agerup will share his insights and experiences with a group of founders and investors. (link)
  2. Deputy Leader of MDG Ingrid Liland believes that the wealth tax should be removed because it unfairly impacts founders and startups. (link)
  3. VCs need to seek new exit strategies amid a downturn in M&A and IPO activities. (link)
  4. The first human has received a brain implant from Neuralink, a neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk. (link)
  5. The Apple Vision Pro launched and with it Ludenso launched an immersive fairytale experience “A Spatial Tale” for the Apple Vision Pro, in collaboration with Aschehoug Forlag. (link)
  6. Kahoot! has been delisted from Oslo Børs and the acquisition is complete. (link)
  7. Disney unveiled their Holotile, a tile designed for VR. The impressive part is that it supports multiple people moving in different directions. (link)
  8. 15 spacetech startups to follow, including Norwegian Glint Solar. (link)
  9. A “Strava for Dogs” is being further developed by AkerBiomarine and New & Company. The app, Qpaws, is used by dog sled owners. (link)
  10. Feminvest, the Swedish female network, is launching a new fund “Feminvest Venture” aimed to close at 100 million NOK. (link)

Latest on Funding

💸 Smedvig Ventures closed a new €115 million fund targeting B2B startups in the Nordics, Benelux, and the UK. The fund was entirely financed by the Smedvig family office. (link)

😄 ArcTern Ventures closed 3.5 billion NOK for its third fund focused on climate. The Norwegain investors Nysnø, Lærdal family and Ferd have invested in the fund. (link)

🥗 Oda, the delivery service for groceries that recently announced its merger with Swedish Mathem, raised 600 million NOK from existing shareholders and employees. (link)

🚀 Chooose, the climate technology company, entered into a partnership with BP and BP has become a shareholder through an issue of 215 million NOK. (link)

🦾 Saga Robotics raised $11.5 million from existing shareholders Nysnø Climate Investment, Aker, Rabo Ventures, Hatteland, Melesio Capital and Sanden, and new investor Songa Investments. (link)

📊 Zerolytics, a data-driven platform, raised 40 million NOK from Firda, RunwayFBU and Sondo Capital. (link)

🌊 Inseanergy, specializing in floating solar power, raised 30 million NOK from Norselab and Umoe. (link)

🐲 Videocation, the video training platform, raised 26 million NOK from existing owners and a loan from Innovation Norway. (link)

♻️ Tings, a circular marketplace, raised 15 million NOK, led by Spintop Ventures and joined by Schibsted Ventures, FJ labs, Arkwright X and TSIC (Tiny Supercomputer Investment Company). (link)

🎾 SportAI, a B2B sports technology platform, raised 8.1 million NOK from investors including Magnus Carlsen and Trond Kittelsen. (link)

🩺 Sandwater joins an investment in HealthTech startup CardioSignal by Precordior, led by DigiTx Partners with participation from as well. (link)

🛋️ Secundo, the secondhand marketplace for furniture, carried out a smaller issue round and brought on Jenny Skavlan, Thomas Gullestad and Petter Arnestad. (link)

🏠 Anker, the proptech startup specializing in simplifying and automating building and construction projects, entered into a partnership with Multiconsult Group. (link)

🏠 Core Eqty’s first investment is in Disruptive Technologies, which creates sensors used for facility management. (link)

Latest on Talent

📣 Mesh Oslo is on the lookout for a new Workbar manager. Interested or know anyone? Find more. (link)

🏠 Kaisa Eidet has been appointed as the new CEO of Marketer Real Estate Technologies. (link)

🤝 Mathilde Tuv Kverneland will join Enode as Senior Partnerships Manager. (link)

💻 Lina Jahr, previously at Dr.Dropin, joins Aider, an accounting agency as their Marketing Director. (link)

🥗 Nina Mikaelsen is the new Marketing Director at Oda Norway. (link)

🚗 Torunn Totland Stangervåg has transitioned from Innovation Norway to Wattif EV, taking on the role of CMO. (link)

📈 Leif Arnold Thomas becomes the new CEO at Huddlestock. (link)

💰 Sten Roger Karlsen is appointed the new CEO of Investinor from May. (link)

⚡️ Karl Meade, John Pramgård and Guilherme T. Pinto are joining Tibber, bringing experience from Amazon, Klarna and Oatly. (link)

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