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#3 Norway: Ruud & Ødegaard are startup investors & Mesh acquires The Hub!

By 2 March 2023No Comments4 min read

Special Announcement –

We have acquired The Hub, the largest recruitment platform for startups in the Nordics. We’ll continue offering a free service, and introduce Pro and Headhunter (light) services! Read about it in Finansavisen (link), Shifter (link), Børsen (link) or Arctic startup (link).

Top News

  1. FT 1000: Annual ranking of top EU fastest-growing companies. 14 Nordic tech companies made it to the list 👏 (link)
  2. Schibsted will keep Nettbil, which was concluded by the Supreme Court. (link)
  3. New gold rush in San Francisco .. AI & ChatGPT (paywall link)
  4. Crypto exchange company, Firi, announced launching the option of staking (link) and Spetalen sells out of Firi (link)
  5. DN feature profile piece of Tibber’s CEO Edgeir Aksnes (link)
  6. Interview with Geir Førre about the strategy of Firda, the investment company that recently collected 154 million NOK in investment. (link)
  7. A list of Norway’s top athletes who are active in the startup world as investors or entrepreneurs. (link)
  8. Lena Nymo Helli, CEO of Norway Health Tech, believes health tech is the future and will bring great success. (link)
  9. Auk CEO Didrik Dimmen shares “2022 is the best turnover year yet” and how they’ve adapted their strategy for the better. (link)
  10. Danish legaltech company Jurio entered the Norwegian market and founder of Lexolve Merete Nygaard, welcomes them. (link)

Latest on Funding

☀️ Otovo‘s largest owner, AxSol AB, bought an extra 3.3 million shares on 22nd Feb resulting in 25.87% outstanding shares and voting rights. (link)
💸 Sarsia Seed, VC based our of Bergen, closed 370 million NOK in their third fund. (link)
💸 Askeladden & co has raised has raised 158 million NOK, which approximately puts the company at 1 billion NOK valuation (link)
💸 Ignite Capital, an investment fund focused on e-commerce, have secured a commitment between 150 and 200 million NOK. (link)
💸 Stavanger based, a decentralized blockchain node raised $4.6 million in a seed round led by Lemniscap (link)
🌳 Removr, remove CO2 from the air, raised 36 million NOK from Enova (link)
💸 Trondheim based Vitalthings raised 35 million NOK, three of the founders (Alf Egil Bogen, Ole Johan Ellingsen og Bård Benum) backed 11 million of this round. (link)
🛥️ Zeabuz, which plans to build driverless renewable energy ferries, raised 20 million NOK from Statkraft Ventures and Malaysian Yinson Green Technologies.(link)
🪙 Arcane Crypto secures 20 million SEK in convertible loan from crypto actor Cowa (link)
🐟 Blue Lice, combatting salmon lice, raised 13 million NOK, round led by Strawberry (Petter Stordalen), existing investor Ekko Invest and new investors SeaGrow and Westcon. (link)
🎾 Norway’s top 3— Casper Ruud, Ødegaard and Zuccarello all invest in startup Recharge Health as owners (link)

Latest on Talent

🌎 Explore 223 active remote job openings at Nordic startups (link)
📖 Norwegian industry “needs to attract more international talent if we are to compete internationally”, says report released by Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (link)
🧠 Why adopt a venture mindset? byFounders says “It’s the key to success” (link)
🇳🇴 Explore 86 active job openings at Norwegian startups (link)
💼 Profile feature piece on one of the VC godfathers, Bjørn Stray of Northzone (link)
🏦 Finance Christen Ager-Hanssen new CEO of Craig Wrights company Nchain (link)
🦆 Explore 8 jobs at Spoor (link)
🔋 Explore 8 jobs at Evyon (link)
🇸🇪 The Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson will cut 8,500 jobs… (link)

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