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#3 Denmark: Meew looks to list its company & Mesh acquires The Hub

By 2 March 2023March 13th, 2023No Comments4 min read

Special Announcement –

We have acquired The Hub, the largest recruitment platform for startups in the Nordics. We’ll continue offering a free service, and introduce Pro and Headhunter (light) services! Read about it in Børsen (link), Techsavvy (link), Bootstrapping (link), Finansavisen (link) or Arctic Startup (link).

Top News

  1. FT 1000: Annual ranking of top EU fastest-growing companies. 14 Nordic tech companies made it to the list 👏 (link)
  2. Meew stands to become this year’s first Danish stock exchange listing, with 16 brands under its name. (kapwatch link & techsavvy link)
  3. Whistleblower Software impressive growth within 2 years with an investment of 23 million DKK, which gave them a valuation of 100 million DKK. (link)
  4. Fintech companies find it difficult to raise money as investors want to take less risks. (Børsen paywall: link)
  5. Danish neobank Lunar and Swedish fintech Froda are partnering with global company Visa (link)
  6. 15% of Danish investors own cryptocurrency, while 26% of investors do abroad. Roy van Krimpen at Binance thinks Danes need to know more. (link)
  7. How to set up a successful strategy prior to an IPO? CEO and founder Meew, Armin Kavousi shares tips (link)
  8. 11 Danish unicorns, but have they all stayed in Denmark? (link)
  9. Clutch, an AI badminton app, is looking for more investments this year. They have Pre Seed Ventures, Crowberry, and David Helgason (Unity) as investors (link)
  10. Kanpla, SaaS app for canteens and suppliers, that received funding beginning February has reached 100.000 users on their platform. (link)

Latest on Funding

♻️ Cleantech company Combineering, abandoned plans for IPO last year, acquired by Reconomy Group at roughly 1.5 billion DKK. (link)
🤝 Everfuel, a green hydrogen energy company, and Hy24 the clean hydrogen infrastructure fund announced a €200 million joint venture. (link)
🔬 Biotech startup Hemab Therapeutics raised $135 million in a Series B round (link)
💸 New Danish fund, Corecapital I, has raised 250 million DKK and plans to invest in Danish wind sector (link)
🌱 Fertility startup Wawa Fertility raised 20.1 million DKK from English venture fund MMC Venture, the enterprise company Founders, a number of angel investors & women in treatment. (link)
💸 Tech company Airtame secured 18.5 million DKK from several investors including Danmarks Eksport- og Investeringsfond and Preseed Ventures (link)
🖼️ OWND raised 5 million DKK investment from among others byFounders and Skyfall Ventures. It’s the first company in the world to raise capital via the American  Bessemer Venture Partners new Web3 initiative. (link)
🖥️ eBlatzr, gaming computer startup, raised new round of investment from Voluntas Holding and Heymate incubator. (link)
💸 Nordic Eye Venture intends to sell their shares from portfolio companies: Bellabeat, Blue Ocean Robotics, Boatsetter & Airhelp in 2023 (link)
🦾 Aim Robotics has secured an undisclosed amount from a number of angel investors (link)

Latest on Talent

🌎 Explore 223 active remote job openings at Nordic startups (link)
🧠 Why adopt a venture mindset? byFounders: “It’s the key to success” (link)
📅 Doing things differently — startup with 4 day work week attracts 400 candidates. (link)
🇩🇰 Explore 953 active job openings at Danish startups (link)
♻️ Explore 10 jobs at WasteHero (link)
🎙️ Betina Nygaard is starting a new career as board member and investor, and has started her own podcast about M&A (link)
🏘️ Explore 10 jobs at Resights (link)
🇸🇪 The Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson will cut 8,500 jobs… (link)

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