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Mesh Community acquires Scales!

By 11 May 2022November 11th, 2022No Comments3 min read

Mesh Community acquires Scales! 

When we acquired Startupmatcher late last year, it marked the introduction of our post-pandemic strategy. Our goal is to build the best possible space, talent, funding and networking services for startups in the Nordic region. Startupmatcher was the first important step within talent, and we are now happy to tell you that we are taking new steps within network services. We are proud to announce that we will be acquiring Scales and make Co-founder and CEO Kyle Havlicek-McClenahan our new Head of Network, responsible for structuring and digitalising our network services and community engagement initiatives.

“We believe that we are at a unique moment in time, coming out of a pandemic with a booming startup scene, so we are ready to go on all projects that align with our strategy and can help us towards a better product and faster expansion. We believe Scales and Kyle to be a perfect fit with our core strategy, and we are looking forward to seeing what we will be able to do together.”

– Anders Mjåset, founder and CEO of Mesh Community

Scales help communities to manage and automate networking programs and community engagement. Mesh Community has watched the development of Scales in the months after they participated in the Antler program and believe their solution is highly aligned to our goal to build the leading entrepreneurial network in the Nordics. We are thrilled to be able to start the process of professionalizing our Network and Community services with Kyle on the team.

“Scales have shown that there is a greater need for digital network services in international professional networks, like Mesh Community than currently exists. After helping organizations like the Chief of Staff Network and Google for Startups engage their communities, we look forward to working with Mesh to provide meaningful engagement to a wider audience. It will be a real privilege to now work for Mesh members and the extended community!”

– Kyle Havlicek-McClenahan, Co-founder and CEO of Scales.

Scales founding team: Kyle Havlicek-McClenahan, Rasa Strumskyte and Kristian Elset Bø. 

Welcome to the team, Kyle! 

Originally from San Francisco, California, Kyle has an MSc in Technology Management from NTNU and has been living in Norway since 2013. Prior to founding Scales and participating in the Antler program with his Co-founders Kristian Elset Bø and Rasa Strumskyte, Kyle worked as a consultant within startups, a freelance journalist, and is the former Managing Director for Norway of the Nordic-China Startup Forum. Kyle is a year-round bathing enthusiast that loves to ski, climb and cook delicious food for friends and family.

We plan to experiment with new network services and engagement programs in the fall and look forward to introducing Scales to our community.

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