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Founders House

Dear members, friends & community,

It is with great sadness that we today announce the closure of Founders House. Startup Village and Founders House were the first of its kind in the Nordics and has played a central role in the build-up of the modern entrepreneurial ecosystem in our region.

For a long time, we have searched for a bigger and more suitable location for Founders House. Our current location in Njålsgade needs to be expanded on and refurbished to suit our members’ needs. Combined with the immense negative consequences of coronavirus, it is no longer economically sustainable to continue to operate Founders House.

We hope to be able to open a new Founders House again in the future if we can find a suitable location. Looking back, there are so many good memories, fantastic companies and valuable friendships that have sprung out of this community since 2011. We deeply appreciate all of them and will carry them with us, as we look ahead.

Lots of love,
Team and Founders