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Mesh Community is Doubling Down on Partnerships with Thomas Harstad

By 4 October 2023No Comments3 min read

Mesh Community is Doubling Down on Partnerships with Thomas Harstad

We are incredibly excited to strengthen our partnerships program as part of our long-term strategy. We want to empower and support our members and the wider community by becoming the go-to partner for investors, corporates, and other ambitious startup ecosystem players in the Nordics. Partnerships have always been a part of our strategy, but now with Thomas joining and leading our partnerships program, we can build a stronger network for founders. 

Thomas brings a wealth of experience and expertise in partnerships. From his professional snowboarding career and representing the Norwegian national snowboard team, to over 15 years of working with brands such as Nike, DC shoes, and Red Bull. For the past six years, Thomas held the position of Head of Sports Marketing at Red Bull and is now eager to start a new endeavor in the startup ecosystem.

“I believe there is a lot of potential when it comes to partnerships and the start-up ecosystem. It’s just like top-performing teams and athletes, they work with several strategic partners to ensure peak performance and that market impact is maximized. The same can be implemented for founders and startups. If we can create great partnerships that benefit and empower the startups and founders then that’s a powerful opportunity for the community.” says Thomas Harstad.

Growing the partnerships program is part of our larger strategy to build a strong network for our community. Thomas will be joining the content team that today consists of Anders Mjåset and Kimberly Beijersbergen who have been building out the foundations and launching content products as the first steps of the expansion plan. This marks our next phase where we’ll grow our partner program along with our services and benefits.

It is great to have Thomas on board. We believe that if you want to grow through partnerships you need to go all in and do it professionally from day 1. With Thomas Harstad we get the expertise and the X-factor to establish great partnership programs and services, and we get a person who will be able to lead this effort on our behalf. I am very excited to see what we will be able to accomplish together!  ” says Anders Mjåset, CEO of Mesh Community.

Welcome to the team Thomas, we’re thrilled to have you on board!

If you want to connect with Thomas, you can reach out to him at 

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