Levende Bygater 2021 – Trondheim kommune i samarbeid med DIGS

Digs Krambugata 2, Trondheim

Levende Bygater 2021 welcomes you to our street festival! The Project is an initiative of Trondheim Muncipality in collaboration with DIGS that seeks to temporary recreate Krambugata and Peter Egges...


Mesh runners 🏃‍♀️ – weekly activity

Mesh Nationaltheatret Tordenskjoldsgate 2, Oslo

Fun and friendly Friday run! Starting sharp at 8am outside Mesh Nationaltheatret. It will be finished around 8.45am - enough time to take a quick shower and attend the first meeting...

Mesh Youngstorget Afterwork

Mesh Youngstorget, Møllergata 6, Møllergata 8, 0179 Oslo, Norway, MY-1-Workbar (100)

Afterwork every Friday from 16.00 Create an inspiring atmosphere for our community!! This should be an arena where it is easy to connect with other members, invite partners and friends,...


Matrikel1 – Fridays Bar

Matrikel1 Højbro Pl. 10, 1200 København, Denmark

Every Friday with a different theme to keep our vibrant community in the mood to start the weekend! Check next Friday theme on the members portal.