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Find Your Co-Founder : Registration for Startups

25 January 2023 @ 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm CET

REBBLS & IDA invite all early-stage Life Science (Therapeutics/Biotech/FoodTech/MedTech) startups keen on finding the ideal cofounder!
In an early-stage startup, your team is the most valuable asset to attract customers and funding. So, setting up the founding team with the right skills and competencies can make a difference for your startup.
We also understand that finding the right person for your business is tricky. REBBLS & IDA would like to help you with the first steps of that journey by utilizing our extensive network within the broader life science ecosystem (Therapeutics / Biotech / FoodTech / MedTech), spanning interesting profiles across both business and science.
We are hosting two networking events:
Event 1: The first one is more inspirational where you will have the chance to listen to the experiences of other Startup founders (Ventures and Wine event by REBBLS)
Event 2: The second one is a pitching and matching session where you will have the chance to present your company and talk 1:1 with relevant candidates to select the potential co-founder for your startup.
This registration form is for the 2nd event.
To get the right startup for the second event, we would like to hear your company’s / team’s needs. Let us know your ideal co-founder profile and personality that can complement your team best.
To do so, please, fill out and submit the form so that we can invite potential candidates as your next co-founder.
Application deadline: 8th December 2022.
(By filling out this application, you give REBBLS and IDA consent to contact you regarding participation in this event. We will not use your information for marketing purposes or share them with anyone else)
Phase 1: Startups looking for a co-founder are invited to register their details and requirement (Current registration form)
Phase2: 5-7 Startups will be selected
Phase3: Individuals interested in being a co-founder will be invited to register (Coming up soon)
Phase4: Interested individuals will be selected
Event: Match Making event on 25th January 2023
All the startups who register will be invited to join us for the first event.
Event 1: Symbion Fruebjergvej
Event 2: IDA (Danish Society of Engineers)