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Facili-station Meetup

March 21 @ 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm CET

“Facili-station Meetup” is a global community for both experienced and seasoned facilitators, and also those curious and interested in becoming facilitators, and level up their facilitations skills.

We aim to bring together practitioners, companies and curious people to discuss, and share challenges, tools, best practices and case studies of successful facilitation as well as general insight and learning sessions to help you be more prepared to run your own workshops.
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“Great conversations: How to design conversations that matter”
It is through our daily conversations with managers, colleagues, stakeholders and customers that we create agreement, change, direction, progress and value.

Real change is needed, now, more than ever. This change cannot occur through force, command or persuasion. The future will be built through conversations: one conversation at a time. The world needs fresh, creative conversations that are alive and that work for everyone involved.

This lecture will show you how.
Venue: Mesh Nationaltheatret, Workbar