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Denmark #20: Novo Nordisk highest valuing company in EU, Bioomix raised €6.3 million & raised €2.7 million

By 3 November 2023November 6th, 2023No Comments3 min read

Top News

  1. Novo Nordisk is the highest-valuing company in Europe, valued at $430 billion. (link)
  2. Tech Policy Days are coming up in November, serving as a platform for Danish and international stakeholders to engage with Danish and international tech experts around tech policy. (link)
  3. Seedrs are now licensed under the new EU regulation for equity crowdfunding providers. Marcus Tempte shares what it means for the Danish startup landscape. (link)
  4. Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm are on the rise when it comes to raising VC capital. Find the data here. (link)
  5. 10 Danish startups to watch according to investors on Sifted. (link)
  6. Bootstrapping’s Jesper takes a look at the current VC trends and how this applies to the Danish venture funds? (link)
  7. Europe’s deal value has risen since Q1 ’23, with Q3 being 5.9% higher than Q2. Levels in 2023 are comparable or higher than pre-2020. Pitchbook European Venture Report here. (link)
  8. Interview with Claes Mikko Nilsen from NordicNinja VC with Bootstrapping on their strategy with their fund II and where Denmark fits in that picture. (link)
  9. Strategy tips for the hectic founder life. PreSeed Venture’s people experts will share strategies at their OpenDoor session. (link)
  10. TechBBQ released a playlist of recordings of all the talks on Day 1. (link)

Latest on Funding

🔋 Northvolt preparing for an IPO potentially in Sweden which would improve the European stock market (link)

🌍 Norrsken’s growth stage fund for startups in Africa, Norrsken22, closed $205 million for its fund. (link)

🌽 Bioomix, a bio-industrial startup raised €6.3 million led by West Hill Capital and joined by new and existing investors including PreSeed Ventures, Planetary Impact Ventures, HBL Invest and David Hollidge (link)

☀️ Your.Rentals, a short term rental management platform, raised €2.7 million from Trind Ventures. (link)

🕶️ ARComply, software company for AR and AI glasses for training purposes, raised 3 million DKK. (link)

🥼 Healper, platform for psychologists, raised 3 million DKK from EIFO, Studen.Co, Sandstorm and angel investor Jesper Madsen. (link)

🌬️ Airtame has joined with Jabra, a provider of audio and hybrid work solutions. (link)

Latest on Talent

🇫🇮 Sarita Runeberg has been appointed as Maria01’s new CEO. (link)

👩‍💻 Heartcore Capital welcomes Tobias Meisner who joins the team as Principal. (link)

🥁 Freja Brandhøj joins Dansk Erherv as the new Head of Entrepreneurship. (link)

🤘 DanBan is on the lookout for a new CEO. Deadline to apply is Nov 8. (link)

🔍 Scale Capital is looking for a financial controller. (link)

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