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Denmark #18: Entrepreneurs call for better policy, Atomico raised $1.1 billion & CPH & Aarhus Townhall happening next week.

By 6 October 2023February 12th, 2024No Comments3 min read

Top News

  1. FBV calls for better legislation to enable Danish startups to go public and to motivate Danish investors to continue investing in them. (link)
  2. CPH Townhall & Aarhus Townhall are joining together, inviting an international network to gather in CPH and Aarhus. (link)
  3. Thomas Harstad joins Mesh Community to strengthen partnerships in the Nordics. (link)
  4. Startups and corporations are collaborating more, with a study showing that 78% of Nordic companies have partnered with startups. TechSavvy’s startup bible shares more insights. (link)
  5. PSV DeepTech partners with Copenhagen University to invest in scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs fostered at the university. (link)
  6. Interview with Martin Poulsen, CEO of Driversnote on why they decided to take the bootstrapping approach and not take in venture capital. (link)
  7. Which VCs are investing in startups in Denmark? EIFO compiled an easy database. Access it here. (link)
  8. Sound Hub Denmark launches SoundInvest, a venture fund for soundtech startups. (link)
  9. New tech conference coming up in Sweden in early 2024. (link)
  10. Lex Fridman meets Mark Zuckerberg in the Metaverse as photorealistic avatars, even when they are thousands of miles apart in the physical world.(link)

Latest on Funding

💸 Atomico raised $1.1 billion for a new fund (link)

💸 Acesion Pharma, biotech developing therapies for atrial fibrillation, secured €45 million Series B led by Canaan and Alpha Wave, with participation from Global BioAccess Fund and existing investor Novo Holdings. (link)

😄 Emblem made its first investment in French startup Pivot, which raised a total amount of $5.3 million from several VC firms, angel investors and entrepreneurs. (link)

🏗️ Responsibly, an AI-driven platform to report on how sustainable their suppliers are, raised $2.4 million, led by Hambro Perks and Pi Labs. (link)

🇫🇮 Crowberry Capital led a €1.75 million seed round in Saidot, a Finnish AI governance startup. (link)

⛳️ Players 1st, a sports tech startup from Aarhus, raised 10 million DKK from Scale Capital, which will be used to focus on the US market. (link)

Latest on Talent

📚 Danske Bank and Dealroom released a talent report (link) on the state of employment in the Nordics with data contributed by The Hub. Thomas Sveum shared his main takeaways. (link)

🇩🇰 Ann Hege Frøseth will be moving from Norway to Denmark as Head of Denmark at AvantGarde Search. (link)

🏆 Aarhus startup Anyday won an award at Tech Disrupt (link)

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