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Denmark #16: BackingMinds co-led investment of €2.2 million, Woba raised $3.19 million & VC breakfast at TechBBQ.

By 8 September 2023February 12th, 2024No Comments3 min read

Top News

  1. TechBBQ is around the corner and spoke to VCs and what they’re looking forward to. (link)
  2. Nordic Top-tier VCs and investors will discuss the state of Nordic funding during a breakfast event on Day 1 of TechBBQ. (link)
  3. The Danish Scaleup Leadership Awards will launch its finalists on Day 2 of TechBBQ. (link)
  4. Spot the red flags 🚩 Evelina Anttila, MP at Wellstreet shares tips for term sheets. (link)
  5. Mette Lykke shares Berlingske’s article on the tax situation for entrepreneurs. (link)
  6. Startup accelerator Accelerace partners with the University of Copenhagen to offer students access to workshops, materials and mentors. (link)
  7. The Nordic tech VC, Alliance VC, is expanding its focus on the Danish market with its new Partner Stine Mølgaard Sørensen, Danish entrepreneur and angel investor. (link)
  8. The sustainability reporting market has grown and is expected to drive greener business operations, as seen with Norwegian company Celsia in this interview. (link)
  9. Read Famly’s story and how after losing the local market they expanded internationally and are now betting on the US. (link)
  10. Voice of Crypto shares highlights in Nordic Blockchain Conference. (link)

Latest on Funding

💰 Antler raised €50 million from Export & Investment fund Denmark, Investinor, Ferd, Nysnø and Formue for their second Nordic fund focused on Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. (link)

💰 Unconventional Ventures announced the second close of its fund at €30 million, welcoming new LPs. (link)

💰 Climentum Capital led a funding round in Novatron Fusion Group where they raised €5 million. (link)

👏 Woba, the HR tech startup raised $3.19 million from existing investors PreSeed Ventures and EIFO. (link)

😄 BackingMinds and Crowberry Capital co-lead in a €2.2 million pre-seed round in the Icelandic-based SNERPA Power. (link)

🚀, the developer-first open-source platform built on Kubernetes, raised €2 million from byFounders, Dreamcraft Ventures, NP-Hard Ventures and others. (link)

⛳️ Players 1st, the golf software platform, raised €1.3 million from Scale Capital. (link)

🐲 Hyphen, the personal AI platform, raised $1.1 million from Accelerace, The Aventures, Lars Seier Christensen and Nicolaj Højer Nielsen. (link)

💰 The Link, raised 3 million DKK from Industriens Fond for its corporate Startup Collaboration for Growth project that connects well-established Danish companies and growth companies (link)

🩺 NordInsight, helping health professionals with a browser-based implant database, raised 1.5 million DKK from Stine Mølgaard, Likeminded.VC, Frederik Brøns and Nille Klæbel. (link)

🖥️ Digizuite, SaaS startup from Odense, has been acquired by Luxion Group ApS (link)

Latest on Talent

🤘 The Danish recruitment platform Talenthub merged with Dutch recruitment analytics platform Starred (link)

👩‍💻 Our friends at Maria 01 are looking for a new CEO (link)

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