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Mesh Community acquires Scales!
We will experiment with new network services
and engagement programs and look forward
to introduce Scales to our community.

Our goal is to create the best startup HUBs, valuable recruiting and funding services and inspiring networks to accelerate the Nordic startup scene. With more than 3.800 members and over 100.000 annual users, we are one of the largest startup communities in the Nordic region.

HUB locations

From the heart of key Nordic cities our curated community caters to all aspects of the entrepreneurial journey, from early-stage startups to international success stories. We operate startup HUBs in Copenhagen, Trondheim and Oslo, with more to come.

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Our members are at the heart of our community. We gather the brightest minds across industries, providing a platform for collaboration and growth. We design our HUBS and services to form connections and a trusted environment for entrepreneurs.

Need a venue for your next event?

Are you looking for a creative space to host your meeting or event? We have a wide range of venues suitable for meetups, conferences, workshops, parties, and meetings.

Mesh Community acquires Scales! 

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When we acquired Startupmatcher late last year, it marked the introduction of our post-pandemic strategy. Our goal is to build the best possible space, talent, funding and networking services for startups in the Nordic region. Startupmatcher was the first important step within talent, and we are now happy to let you know that we are taking new steps within network services. We are proud to announce that we will be acquiring Scales and making Co-founder and CEO Kyle Havlicek-McClenahan our new Head of Network, responsible for structuring and digitalising our network services and community engagement initiatives.

Annualy we curate and co-create hundreds of events designed for networking, collaboration and interaction across industries.
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