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New year, new possibilities – Mesh Youngstorget opening in January

By 8 December 2020November 11th, 2022No Comments3 min read
The forst floor of Mesh Youngstorget will be a large Workbar open for both members and the public.


New year, new possibilities – Mesh Youngstorget opening in January


2020 has been a challenging year in so many ways. With immense negative consequences for many companies in our community, but also with great possibilities. Now at the end of the year, we also see how many of our members have adapted and their businesses are thriving in the new normal. We look forward to the new year and to welcome new members to Mesh Youngstorget. 

Old space in new wrapping
Møllergata 6-8 has since the end of the eighteenth century accommodated companies with new ideas and strong innovation traditions. No. 6 has been the headquarters of the iconic furniture manufacturer and retailer, A. Huseby & Co, where they designed, produced and sold Norwegian quality furniture until recently.

We are proud to continue the operation of these buildings with innovation and entrepreneurship as a lead. Since we took over the buildings, we started a large-scale complete renovation, we connect the two buildings together so that the space fulfils the purpose and our members’ needs.

In Mesh Youngstorget you can work, network and share experiences in an environment designed to accelerate your project and simplify your workday. Our space provides a place for a diverse community to gather and connect. Featuring dedicated workspaces, meeting rooms, phone booths, lounges and social zones, Workbar for excellent food & drinks, event venues and our very own corner bar for meetups and after-work activities. We believe that the workspace of the future needs to be flexible, community-driven and digitally empowered.

Why move to Mesh?
That’s easy to answer. The real estate industry is outdated, overly complicated and not at all adjusted to emerging business models. With long binding time, complicated contracts and large deposits, the hassle of renting an office space calls for a disruption in the industry.

You don’t just need an office space to work in. You need high-speed internet and a lean tech-setup, you need meeting rooms suitable for digital interaction, you need regular cleaning, nice toilet facilities, kitchen and always good coffee. You need flexible and nicely designed office furniture for your comfort. Your modern business needs flexibility for rapid growth, (or flexibility to downsize).

The network, recruitment, and cooperative benefits from sharing thoughts, concepts and ideas with like-minded people, is by far the most important value we can offer to our members. That’s why we take care of all of this – so you can focus on building your company.

We still have room for new members, so don’t hesitate to reach out to to book a visit.

Welcome to Mesh Youngstorget!