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#8 Norway: Beefuture raised 18 million NOK, Celsia founders nominated leading stars and Magnus Carlsen launches a chess app.

By 10 May 2023No Comments5 min read

Top News

1. Geoffrey Hinton, the creator of AI, has left Google to speak freely about AI. He believes scientists play a vital role in drawing attention to the risks of AI. (link)
2. Dealroom’s report reveals women-founded scale-ups grow faster than the EU average and Norway is one of the fastest growing countries in value. Worth a read. (link)
3. Celsia founders Petter Reistad & Morten Hillbom are amongst this year’s “Leading stars under the age of 30” by DN. Read their full profile feature piece here. (link)
4. Daniel Sørli, CEO of Dr.Dropin, disagrees with the Labor Party’s (Ap) reasoning for introducing an approval scheme for new health services. (link)
5. Erik Bakstad on how Ardoq grew turnover by 75% during 2022 and what their growth strategy has been and is today. (link)
6. Climate predicting technology is attracting investors as the demand for climate prediction rapidly grows across all industries. (link)
7. Magnus Carlsen and Iterate founder Anders Haugeto launch a fantasy chess app called Pawn. (link)
8. Sara Rywe shares summaries of byFounders’ Impact Awareness Report. Follow her to stay up-to-date. (link)
9. Kyte, the drone delivery company for groceries, is expanding to Sweden. (link) They have already made more deliveries than Amazon.(link)
10. 6AM, the accelerator in Trondheim is launching a new cohort in August. If you’re an early-stage founder check out their program. (link)

Latest on Funding

🚗 Carbon Centric, a carbon capture platform, raised 120 million NOK from existing owners Østfold Energi, and new investors Obligo and Vardar. (link)

🏠 Rubus (formerly known as Bygr), the housing technology company, raised 30 million NOK from investors Kistefos and OBOS. (link)

🥬 Farmforce raised 29.5 million NOK. Norgesgruppen joins the owner side with 12.5 million NOK. (link)

💳 Firi, crypto exchange platform, secured over 30 million NOK within a few hours the day before their public campaign opened. (link)

📈 ComplAi, a compliance management system, raised 18 million NOK led by RunwayFBU and joined by DNV Ventures. They are valued at 60 million NOK after money. (link)

🐝 Beefuture, monitors bee behaviour to generate data for actionable insights, raised seed round of 18 million NOK led by Norselab’s Meaningful Equity II fund. (link)

👩‍🌾 Dagens, connecting farms directly with kitchens, raised 16.3 million NOK from TD Veen, Investinor and MP Pensjon. (link)

🧼 Resani, helping organizations handle hand hygiene through data and tech, raised 15 million NOK from TD Veen and DSD. (link)

🧩 Appear XR, the 2 month old startup building design tools for AR, raised 10.2 million NOK led by Sondo Capital. (link)

🏘️ Relynk, the data-driven solution for proptech industry, raised 5.3 million NOK from Startuplab, Proventure, Trond Riiber Knudsen, OBOS and more. (link)

🚀 Aimy, solving staffing issues in retail and hospitality, raised 3 million NOK from Swedish venture studio Vntrs (link)

🪙 Bare Bitcoin, Norwegian bitcoin app, raised just over 2 million NOK, led by Sturle Sunde at a valuation of 10 million NOK before money. (link)

🌳 Ferd Impact Investing joins on the owner side of Kvist Solutions and signed a frame agreement to use their platform for their BREEAM projects. (link)

🐟 Blueye Robotics carried out a new round from current employees. They delivered more than 1000 units to 55 countries including the London Police, US Navy and Oceaneering. (link)

Latest on Talent

📣 Mesh Community is looking for a Head of Partnerships, Head of Events and a Business Controller. Are you interested or know someone who would be interested? We’d love to hear from you. (link)

💳 Eilin Schjetne, previously at Lunar, is now CEO at EedenBull. (link)

🎙️ The Swedish SaaS podcast invited Kindly’s CEO, Arash Saidi, to discuss the importance of consistency. (link)

👁️ John Paul Salvador leaves the Firda team and joins Oivi, the eye scanner that detects diabetes. (link)

✅ Lise Fulland, investment partner at StartupLab, shares three important things to keep in mind while searching for new investors. (link)

⛵️ Sail for 48 hours from Oslo to Copenhagen with entrepreneurs, investors, community builders and more on the full-rigged ship Christian Radich. Don’t miss it! (link)

🎮 Some of our Mesh team members have won the Spillprisen, the annual awards for the Norwegian games industry with their “No Honor Amunch Thieves” game. (link)

👚 Tise, the second hand marketplace, is actively hiring and has 6 positions open located in Norway and Denmark. (link)

🗺️ SurplusMap is looking for 3 new people to join their team, including a co-founder in Norway. (link)

🔨 Kobbr, helping craftspeople be data-driven, is looking for folks to grow their sales team. (link)

💻 Metric, the new AI marketing company is hiring for a senior iOS developer. (link)

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