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#6 Norway: Oivi raised 30 million NOK, Kindly tests ChatGPT for chatbots and Startup Extreme is around the corner.

By 12 April 2023No Comments3 min read

Top News

1. Easee will receive an answer from the Swedish authorities on April 17th. (link) The Netherlands may follow Swedish authorities and ban sales of Easee. (link)

2. Following Merete’s debate, Virke and a group of founders team up with a “høringsinnspill til skatteutvalget”. (link)

3. Atomico will open an office in Sweden and will likely boost its investments in the Nordics. (link)

4. Kindly, offering AI-powered chatbots, has started to use ChatGPT and is currently testing it on Kahoot!. (link)

5. Startup Extreme, the ultimate Norwegian startup event is just two weeks away! Warm up with our Tech Town Hall next week and register for the great outdoor conference. (link)

6. Profile feature piece on Magnus Grimeland, the founder of Antler. The plan is to invest in between 400-500 companies this year. (link)

7. Opportunities in Agritech are major right now says Ellen Altborg. (link)

8. Read Bill Gates’ thoughts on the new era of AI. (link)

9. New requirements for those who offer digital services as a new Digital Performance Act is introduced. (link)

10. Innovation Norway will change its policies before the summer to adapt to the economic shifts. (link)

Latest on Funding

🤝 Verdane invested 348 million NOK in Verified, a Swedish AML and KYC company. (link) Verified also acquired Assently. (link)

🛞, a robotics and IoT company building smart wheels, raised 150 million NOK from existing investors. (link)

🚤 Pascal Technologies, boat technology company improving efficiency, raised 53 million NOK from Ocean Zero and existing investors. (link)

🚗 Casi, the car subscription platform, raised 35 million NOK from DNB and existing investors. DNB also acquired Imove. (link)

👁️ Oivi, an eye scanner that can detect early diabetic blindness, has raised 30 million NOK. (link)

🌿 Greenstat ASA, a green energy company, raised over 27 million NOK through Dealflow. (link)

💸 TGN Energy, offering energy management systems for commercial real estate, raised 12 million NOK from US-based AVG group. (link)

👚 Vandre AS, offering circular solutions for clothing manufacturers, has raised more than 4 million NOK through Folkeinvest. (link)

🌊 Norsjór, a biofouling removal company, is looking to close 3.2 million NOK seed round. (link)

💸 A Swedish fintech fund, Fintech Fund I, is on the lookout for its first Norwegian investment. (link)

Latest on Talent

💨 7 open positions at Spoor (link)

🌿 Geniess, the energy storage software company has 2 open positions (link)

💫 New startup alert: Monil, accelerating sustainable agriculture, has 7 open positions (link)

✉️ Jarle Holm leaves Aritma and joins Kron (link). Thor Kristian Seth leads Aritma. (link)

🤘 Adrian Søbyskogen joins as co-founder and general manager of Anker (link)

⛰️ Henrik Sollie joins Bård Eker in Vær Equipment. (link)

🧃 Mathias Havgar, former Head of Innovation Norway’s EU team, will be leading Fudi, a grocery store challenger. (link)

🧠 Sifted’s list of productivity hacks from founders & VCs, including from CMO Ingrid Skrede. (link)

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