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#5 Denmark: New Fund Emblem Raised €50 million, 3 Known Entrepreneurs Launch New App & Agtech Platform Close Series B Round

By 30 March 2023No Comments4 min read

Top News

1. Spring CPH Townhall was a great success and gathered over 500 founders to share their insights, learnings and knowledge. (link)

2. Backingminds give insights on how to find overlooked funding opportunities in ‘blind spots’. Find their “State of Diversity and Funding Data in 2022” powerpoint here. (link)

3. United Fintech has more than 100 international banks as customers and the founder is not concerned about the current turbulent time in the banking industry. (link)

4. OpenAI introduced plugins to ChatGPT (link) This launch is described as game-changing just like when Apple launched the App store. (link)

5. More than 1,100 signatories including Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and Yuval Harari have signed an open letter that calls for a 6-month pause in the development powerful AI systems. (link)

6. Founder Mik Strøyberg on on his learnings and experiences. Find the full profile feature piece in Børsen. (link)

7. After its big plans just a month ago, Meew has been declared bankrupt. (link)

8. The Danish e-mobility startup Spirii has been awarded best GreenTech award at the Global Startup Awards 2023. (link)

9. After its announcement of shutting down the program, Techstars decide to continue the accelerator program for the Swedish cohort in Stockholm. (link)

10. A must-listen podcast in our opinion – hear OpenAI’s founder Sam Altman’s thoughts on where AI is heading.. (link)

Latest on Funding

💸 New fund Emblem founded by Guillaume Durao and Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan has raised €50 million to invest in early stage startups. (link) (linkedin) (børsen)

🌱 Agreena, the Agtech platform, closed a €48 million Series B round led by HV Capital, joined by AENU, Anthemis, Gullspång Re:food, Kinnevik and Denmark’s Export & Investment Fund. (link)

🚀 Lun, raised €10.3 million in seed funding from Partech, Norrsken VC, Lowercarbon Capital, MCJ Collective and Foundamental. (link)

📈 Dreamdata, data platform for marketers, raised a €7 million Series A round. Signals Venture Capital led the round and joined by Curiosity, InReach Ventures, Crowberry, Seedcamp, & Preseed Ventures. (link)

😄 PatentRenewal, raised €2 million from Vendep Capital. (link)

💳 Kontolink raised €1 million in pre-seed from Torben Frigaard Rasmussen, Jonas Bøgh Larsen, Kim Sneum Madsen and Mogens Abel-Bache. (link)

🔔 Gubra is listed on the stock exchange — the largest listing of a biotech company on the Danish stock exchange since 2017. It has a total valuation of 1.8 billion DKK. (link)

🛰️ Quadsat, specialized in drone-based antenna testing, raised 67 million DKK from Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund. (link)

💸 Humani, founded by Anders Mayntzhusen, Mik Strøyberg, and Christian Sejersen, raised 15 million DKK from Dreamcraft Ventures and business angels. (link)

🖥️ Contribe, a sustainability infrastructure platform, secured a pre-seed investment from Human Act Development and Rockstart. (link)

🧠 Brain+, a company using therapy to help with Alzheimer’s and dementia will issue new shares for 15.7 million DKK. 25 investors have already secured 85% of the shares. (link)

🦾 Shape Robotics has closed a new round of capital amounting to 36 million DKK. (link)

Latest on Talent

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👩‍💻 Why starting up your business in a community is better (link)

🚀 byFounders’ Eric Lagier on his journey and learnings from living in Silicon Valley (link)

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