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#4 Norway: GPT-4 Unveiled, SVB’s Downfall, & Schibsted Ventures’ 100M SEK Investment

By 17 March 2023March 29th, 2023No Comments4 min read

In this newsletter, we feature SVB’s collapse, GPT-4’s launch, and its edge over ChatGPT. Delve into the top 5 reasons why OpenAI’s latest language model, GPT-4, revolutionizes industries with enhanced capabilities and human-machine synergy. (link) (written by GPT-4)

Top News

1. OpenAI released GPT-4 and it’s incredibly powerful. We highly recommend to read up on its capabilities. Watch the live stream release (link) and OpenAI’s blog post (link)

2. Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman wrote a book with GPT-4. An intersection between human and AI. Full book here (link)

3. Collapse of SVB – the second largest bank failure in the US since 2008. (link) US regulators shut down SVB but guaranteed companies could access all their deposits on Monday. (link)

4. HSBC saves SVB UK arm for £1 (link) and UK SVB is still offering loans to the tech sector. (link)

5. Are VCs to blame for what happened at SVB and what are the future implications? Founding partner of Seedcamp Reshma Sohoni, Pento COO Sabrina Castiglione and partner Chris Grew from law firm Orrick discuss with Sifted Talks. (link)

6. Easee’s electric car chargers sales are stopped in Sweden, concluded by the Swedish Elsäkerhetsverket. (link)

7. The next big thing with Kahoot! founder Johan Brand and Selvaag involves big investments in the property industry. (link)

8. Ex-Oda and Schibsted employees launch new product studio, Oschlo, to help companies with product development. (link)

9. Innovation Norway notices a drop in funding application (link)

10. Vivaldi browser will be available in Volkswagen cars (link)

Latest on Funding

💸 Schibsted Ventures led 100 million SEK round in Swedish Saas company Ingrid (link) (link)

🪴 Hedvig raised 330 million NOK at a valuation of NOK 670 million. They’re doubling down on Sweden and shut down operations in Norway. (link)

💸 CoFounder and KLP raise an additional 60 million NOK for their fund. (link)

💻 Appfarm secured 60 million NOK led by Idékapital, Eviny Ventures and existing investor Arkwright X (link)

🌇 Unacast raised 30 million NOK from existing investors and new investor Australian proptech investor Taronga Ventures (link)

🍎 Lifeness, a cloud based health service designed for patients with obesity has raised 30 million NOK. Largest investors are Arctic Investment Group and state-owned Investinor. (link)

🏗️Equinor’s spinoff Nicoustic secured 25 million NOK with a combination of a convertible loan, equity and public grants from Fraunhofer, CoFounder and Equinor Ventures. (link)

🧣Villoid raised 24.7 million NOK led by Varner and others, valuing the company at 175 million NOK. (link)

🛋️ Heymat collects 20 million NOK from Investinor and Arctic Investment Group (link)

🌱 Auk raised 19.8 million NOK and their valuation was at 74.3 million NOK pre-money. (link)

🏡 Hayon raised 8 million NOK, with a valuation of 72.2 million NOK and passed 100,000 users. The round was led by Amedia with investors from Spacemaker, Askeladden and Nurx (link)

👗 Unconventional Ventures invests in Fjong for an undisclosed amount. (link)

🏫Trondheim based Leasi have won an innovation contract with Oslo municipality to create a rental and resource management system for the rental of equipment between 200 Oslo schools (link)

Latest on Talent

🌳 Bjørn K. Haugland has built the most powerful climate network in Norway (link)

🌏 Explore 189 remote jobs in the Nordics (link)

🇳🇴 Explore 93 open positions at Norwegian companies (link)

🤸‍♀️ Hanna Selvaag is the new investment manager at RunwayFBU (link)

💳 Frode Riis Andersen moves from Lunar to Kameo (link)

📖 Poption has closed down as planned (link)

🌟 Frida Rustøen promoted to Principal at Idékapital (link)

🤝 Umbrella launches an initiative Boardiverse to connect women with ethnic diverse backgrounds with boards of Norwegian companies (link)

🎙️ Avant Garde Search launches new podcast, first episode with Airthings CMO (link)

🌎 Meta cuts another 10,000 jobs (link)

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