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#4 Denmark: GPT-4 Emerges, SVB’s Collapse, & Teitur Trophics’ €28 million Funding

By 17 March 2023No Comments4 min read

In this newsletter, we feature SVB’s collapse, GPT-4’s launch, and its edge over ChatGPT. Delve into the top 5 reasons why OpenAI’s latest language model, GPT-4, revolutionizes industries with enhanced capabilities and human-machine synergy. (link) (written by GPT-4)

Top News

1. OpenAI released GPT-4 and it’s incredibly powerful. We highly recommend to read up on its capabilities. Watch the live stream release (link) and OpenAI’s blog post (link)

2. Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman wrote a book with GPT-4. An intersection between human and AI. Full book here (link)

3. Collapse of SVB – the second largest bank failure in the US since 2008. (link) US regulators shut down SVB but guaranteed companies could access all their deposits on Monday. (link)

4. HSBC saves SVB UK arm for £1 (link) and UK SVB is still offering loans to the tech sector. (link)

5. Are VCs to blame for what happened at SVB and what are the future implications? Founding partner of Seedcamp Reshma Sohoni, Pento COO Sabrina Castiglione and partner Chris Grew from law firm Orrick discuss with Sifted Talks. (link)

6. Big turn of events at Meew. CEO, Armin Kavousi has been dismissed as Frihedsbrevet revealed his CV was not all true. (link) Meew’s board resigned and cancelled the company’s plans for IPO on the growth exchange Spotlight. (link)

7. Angella Invest wants to create Denmark’s largest community for female business angels and women who want to start investing in startups. (link)

8. Canadian Lynx Equity is on the look out for more Danish companies to acquire (link)

9. Only 0.1 % of investments in Denmark go to startups with only female founders says new analysis from Dansk Erherv (link)

10. Former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt joins board of directors of the machine learning-based marketing platform Neurons (link)

Latest on Funding

💸 17 companies from Incuba, based in Aarhus, raised more than 420 million DKK in 2022. (link)

🔔 Danish biotech company Gubra enters stock exchange, valuation not shared yet. Looking to raise 500 million DKK. (link)

🧠 Teitur Trophics closed a Series A of €28 million, led by Sunstone Life Science Ventures and Sound Bioventures, with new investors Industrifonden, Innovestor’s Life Science Fund & P53 Invest. (link)

🔬Biotech startup Chromologics raised €7.1 million from new investors Döhler Ventures and Thia Ventures. (link)

🏡 Venture fund Seed Capital invested 28 million DKK in Landfolk, founded by a team of entrepreneurs who worked at Airbnb. (link)

👩‍🔬 Cellugy, a startup focused on eradicating microplastics from cosmetics closed a round of 13 million DKK. (link)

🌿 Klimate has raised 5.6 million DKK in a bridge round led by the Footprint Firm, Antler, rockstart, Mølgaard Capital & Jørn Larsen. (link)

🧪 Biotech company Immunitrack received 5.5 million DKK from the Innovation Fund. (link)

✈️ has secured above €500.000 which brought the valuation of the company to €8.3 million. (link)

🦾 Shape Robotics will issue new shares and plans to collect an amount between 25 million DKK and 36.9 million DKK. (link)

🔆 UV clinical, disinfection solution for medical tubes, has raised 5 million DKK from individual investors. (link)

👗 Capsule, Copenhagen based clothing startup, closed a seed round of €600,000 backed by UNICO CAPITAL, Martin Lykke Suhr and The Aventures (link)

🏗️ Kobots receive a new investment from new investors Kirsten Winther, Ralf Astrup, Lorenz Technology and Cabinplant & Christian Poulsen (link)

🥬 Vertical Farming company Refarmed is bankrupt, due to the energy crisis as their costs in production increased by 23% compared to what they budgeted for. (link)

Latest on Talent

🌏 Explore 189 remote jobs in the Nordics (link)

🇩🇰 Explore 884 open positions at Danish companies (link)

🤝 Karina Rothoff Brix joins the investment board of The Aventures (link)

📌 INSCALE aims to make headhunting more accessible to scale-ups and SMB’s with its TaaS (Talent as a Service) model (link)

🌟 EU startups share a list of top VCs, Backingminds founder Sara Resvik has been listed among others (link)

⌨️ Job ads written by ChatGPT are on average 40% more biased than those written by humans (link)

🌎 Meta cuts another 10,000 jobs. (link)

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