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Denmark #13: Twitter rebranded to X, medtech CathVision raises $9 million & Dreamcraft Ventures invests in new platform.

By 27 July 2023September 8th, 2023No Comments2 min read
Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! This week we’ve got a bite-size version, but we’ll be back with the normal format next edition. ☀️

Top News

1. British bank Monzo in potential discussions to acquire Danish neobank Lunar as it looks to expand in the Nordics. (link)
2. Jens Nielsen, the CEO of BioInnovation Institute, sees Denmark as a future global leader in health, but calls for more education for health sector entrepreneurs. (link)
3. The blue bird is being phased out as X is the new Twitter brand. It’s all part of Elon’s plan to create a super app. (link)

Latest on Funding

🫀 CathVision, startup creating heart rhythm disorder diagnosis and treatment, secures $9 million funding from investors. (link)

😄 NeoKe, the Dutch-based platform for traveling, raised €1.3 million preseed from Dreamcraft Ventures, ff Venture Capital, GHARAGE, and Plug and Play. (link)

💚 Triba Health, the startup helping Type-2 Diabetic patients with lifestyle and nutrition, raised 2.5 million DKK from KRING. (link)

📱Blue Idea has been acquired by Norwegian SaaS company, F24 Nordics AS. (link)

Latest on Talent

👀 Looking for your new challenge in the autumn? Check out all open positions on The Hub. (link)

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