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#12 Denmark: Northstake raised $3 million, Pride Capital Partners Expand to Nordics & Top 10 Female Angel Investors Announced.

By 6 July 2023September 8th, 2023No Comments3 min read

We hope you’re enjoying your summer! We’ll be taking some time off as well, so the next edition will return on Thursday 27th July. Have a great one! 👋

Top News

  1. Denmark ranks #57 in global startup ecosystem and #2 in the EU. Aarhus is now in the top 200, jumping 60 places. Four Danish cities are in the global top 600. (link) Report here. (link)
  2. Angella Invest & The Confederation of Danish Industry released their top 10 female angel investors report. Find out how these women are important to the ecosystem! (link)
  3. TechBBQ is approaching quickly, and speaker lineups are being released as we speak. Check out the latest lineup. (link)
  4. Roskilde Festival wants to become a permanent testing pad for entrepreneurs in the Circular Labratory. (link) These are the 40 startups who tested their solutions this year. (link)
  5. aims to increase the representation of women in media through their portal which is a database of women and their expertise. (link)
  6. Robotics is one of Denmark’s fastest growing exports, and Germany is one of the most attractive markets to enter for Danish robotics. (link)
  7. Pride Capital Partners expand to the Nordics and open their first office in Copenhagen. (link)
  8. According to Atomico’s report on the state of European tech, European VCs are outperforming their US counterparts. (link)
  9. Meta has released Threads, a challenger to Twitter. Within 7 hours of launching it received 10 million registrations. (link)
  10. Meet the company that’s helping farmers and producers with its technology and bringing accurate local weather information to help the global needs of food. (link)

Latest on Funding

🫁 Neko Health, co-founded by Daniel Ek raised €60 million Series A, led by Lakestar and joined by Atomico and General Catalyst. (link)

🤝 Atobi, the collaboration platform for retailers and brands, raised €3.8 million from the Danish Export and Investment Fund and Thomas Kvorning, who will join the board. (link)

💸 Northstake, the cryptocurrency staking platform, raised $3 million from PreSeed Ventures, Morph Capital, The Aventures Fund, Funfair Ventures and Delta Blockchain Fund (link)

🏠 EIFO invests 200 million DKK in Home.Earth, the sustainable real estate startup. (link)

💳 Flatpay, the one year old fintech company, raised 112 million DKK from new and existing investors, including Seed Capital (link)

⛺️ Backingminds invest €1 million into Swedish Campcation, the booking platform for camping and glamping in the Nordics (link)

🧬 Molecular Quantum Solutions, helping biotech, chemistry and pharma industry with r&d efforts, raised €600k led by Scale Capital along with Rockstart and Stokbro Invest. (link)

🗑️ AquaGreen, sustainable biomass treatment, has received 30 million DKK from Nordic Alpha Partners and Swedish FMG Circular Invest AB. (link)

🌱 Climentum Capital invests in Swedish Kärnfull Next, which has secured 23 million SEK. (link)

💧 Hydract, water hydraulic technology for breweries, will receive loans and sell shares to Michael Kaa Andersen to help stay afloat. (link)

Latest on Talent

🤘 Find all open positions on our talent platform The Hub. You can find remote jobs along with jobs in all the Nordics. (link)

📷 Meet our latest members on #MondayMeetings Highbridge Law Firm. (link)

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