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#10 Norway: Doorstep delivery by drones, Apple’s new headset & Bryte Batteries raises 10 million NOK.

By 8 June 2023September 8th, 2023No Comments4 min read

Top News

  1. Apple released their mixed reality headset – the first product release in years.. (link)
  2. Schibsted’s event in CPH shared valuable insights on building a strong brand, finding new revenue streams, adapting to changes, and expert advice on product iteration. (link)
  3. 40 Norwegian companies recognized the potential of AI before AI was a term understood everywhere. Read this interview with three of the companies. (link)
  4. Proptech Norway discussed AI and investments, and expressed optimism despite the rise of interest rates. (link)
  5. Antler is expanding its investment portfolio and venturing into later-stage funding with its new Elevate fund of $285 million. (link)
  6. How to assess investors and identify red flags? Here are the top 5 questions you should be asking VCs. (link)
  7. Momentum has dry powder for impact investments, focusing their efforts on the 2050 climate targets. (link)
  8. Sequoia, the global VC firm will split into three different firms for various reasons. (link)
  9. Flighty, the flight tracking app, won the interaction award at the Apple Design Awards. (link)
  10. Setup, a student startup managed to collaborate with Ikea and Obos to help against kitchen waste. (link)

Latest on Funding

🖥️ Cyber security, Defendable, raised 50 million NOK and brought investor Kjetil Holta on the ownership side. (link)

🫧 Airthings, improving air quality, got a risk loan of 24 million and a grant of 17 million from Innovation Norway. (link)

⚡️ Elekt, an all-in-one electricty app, raised 30 million NOK and got Silje Landevåg and Anders Thingbø on board. (link)

💡 Hark Technologies, data platform for energy, raised 25 million NOK from Skagerak Energipartner and NTE will follow up on its previous investment. (link)

🔋 Nordic Batteries, sustainable energy storage company, raised 20 million NOK, with a value at 60 million NOK before money. (link)

📚 BoldBooks, helping people publish their own books, raised 25 million NOK from Iterate, innovation professor Sjur Dagestad, Marianne Sundbø and Yngvar Ugland. (link)

🪁 Aviant, the drone delivery service with Kyte, raised €1 million from Innovation Norway to help bring medicine from pharmacies directly to people in remote areas. (link)

🚀 Døds Federation raised 10.1 million NOK through Folkeinvest. (link)

🔋 Bryte Batteries, specialized in flow battery technology, raised 10 million NOK from Bjørn Simonsen, Terje Osmundsen, Thomas Wikberg and MP Pensjon. (link)

💡 Rift labs, the specialized light company, raised 10 million NOK from existing shareholders. (link)

🧠 Nordic Brain Tech, building technology to help prevent migraines, raised 10 million NOK from existing investors. (link)

👓 Okkult, Askeladden’s glasses company, raised 9 million NOK from investors including Pål Wibe, Wilhelm Mohn and Petter Hagfors. (link)

💸 Sensonomic raised 5 million NOK from Jakob Hatteland, Geir Hjellvik and Morten Thorsby valuing the company at 50 million NOK after money. (link)

🎁 Stas, a gift list company, raised 3.3. million NOK. (link)

🎾 SevenSix, a tennis tech app, raised 1.4 million NOK through Dealflow. (link)

🏗️ Diger, online marketplace for used machinery, raised an undisclosed amount from Varde investment association. (link)

🖥️ got a new round from investors including Jonathan Scudder, Nikolai Heum, Eigil Arff Tarjem, Raja Skogland and CTO Roundtable. (link)

🤝 Einr AS has been acquired by Accenture to expand its SAP supply chain, details are undisclosed. (link)

💸 has been admitted to a16z’s accelerator program Speedrun and received an undisclosed amount from the program. (link)

Latest on Talent

💫 EVVENT, a digital platform helping event planning for Muslim communities worldwide, has 6 positions open. Check out their positions. (link)

🥕 ANTI, offering personalized and data-driven nutrition plans has 3 positions open (link)

🚗 Current Eco, a platform for enterprises and EV infrastructure, is currently looking for a support specialist and customer specialists. (link)

☕️ ROEST, a manufacturer for the coffee industry, has 4 interesting open roles (link)

🤘 Anniken Fjelberg joins consulting company Sprint (link)

🎮 From Cognite, Autostore and Celsia, now the Brazilian programmer Nildo Junior has started his own AI game. (link)

🏆 Shifter won the ‘Fagpressen’ Development Award. (link)

✉️ Jonas Rinde, co-founder of Huddly and Nomono, is now CEO of bikefolder (link)

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