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#10 Denmark: Schibsted Shares Innovation Insights Female Invest Recieve a Letter from Hillary Clinton & InProTher Raised €6 million.

By 8 June 2023September 8th, 2023No Comments3 min read

Top News

  1. Schibsted’s breakfast event shared valuable insights on building a strong brand, finding new revenue streams, adapting to changes, and expert advice on product iteration. (link)
  2. CPH townhall is back next week and welcomes Christoph Janz, early-stage investor at Point Nine for a discussion with Morten Primdahl, co-founder and founding CTO of Zendesk. (link)
  3. According to a new report from Dansk Erherv, there has been a 20% increase in female founders. (link) They also released the “25 entrepreneurs you should know.” (link)
  4. Female Invest recognized by Hillary Clinton. (link)
  5. Apple released their mixed reality headset – the first product release in years.. (link)
  6. Casper Skern Wilstrup highlights two main risks of AI: 1) using AI to control society, and 2) over-reliance on AI predictions. He discussed this in an interview with Danish Tech Startups. (link)
  7. How to assess investors and identify red flags? Astrid Gyllenkrok Kristensen, CEO of Swedish femtech LEIA, and others share their tips. (link)
  8. Aris Robotics, the company that went viral showing how AI can be used to sort out trash. (link)
  9. Sam Altman recognizes the importance of a culture that embraces risk. But why is this so important? Find out more in the interview with him by Blackwood Ventures. (link)
  10. Antler is expanding its investment portfolio and venturing into later-stage funding with its new Elevate fund of $285 million. (link)

Latest on Funding

🌳 Urban Partners raised €3.6 billion for a new fund, Nordic Strategies Fund V, to address underserved real estate segments. This is the largest ever in Europe! (link)

💸 InProTher, the biotech startup developing immunotherapy against solid tumors, raised a €6 million seed round from investors and the European Innovation Council (EIC) Fund. (link)

🦶 Reapplix, biological treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, has raised 78 million DKK. (link)

🌬️ DynElectro, green energy firm, raised 34 million DKK seed round from Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund, and existing investors. (link)

💸 Sentispec, AI solution for logistics, raised 25 million DKK from People Ventures and Founderment (link)

😄 The Aarhus-based Carity, that created a ‘MemoryCube’ for dementia, has raised 3 million DKK from new and existing investors, including 6 members of DanBan. (link)

💸 Roccai, innovative AI-based solution for webshops, raised 2.8 million DKK from Hands-on Mikrofonden after participating in DigitalLead’s accelerator course. (link

🚗 Nerve Smart Systems, a tech startup developing a system of lightning chargers for electric cars, raised a new round of capital. (link)

💵 yayloh got Ann-Christine Roope, founder of Ethan Partners, on board as an investor. (link)

Latest on Talent

💻 Tembi, an AI-as-a-service company, is on the lookout for a CMO or COO. (link)

📼 GoodTape, the transcription service, is on the lookout for a Business Developer. (link)

🧠 Machine learning Neurospace has 6 open positions. (link)

🖥️ Synthesia, the video production studio is actively hiring for 11 positions. (link)

👩‍💻 3 founders making a difference in the green transition – meet them here (link)

🎙️ In an interview with Bootstrapping, Morten Primdahl discusses his experience with Zendesk and how he works as an investor. (link)

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